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What's it about?

Learn how to find your unique intuitive gifts, strengthen your intuition, and connect with your crystals on a deeper level.

    1. What's included in this course

    2. Intuitively Connecting With Your Crystals Workbook

    1. Tapping Into Your Unique Intuition

    2. Finding Your Unique Intuitive Type

    3. Getting In Touch With Your Chakras

    4. Meditation To Get In Touch With Your Intuition

    1. Choosing The Right Crystals For You

    2. What are your intentions?

    3. Your Experience Level and Sensitivity

    4. Deciphering Crystal Meanings

    1. Activating With Intention

    2. Communicating With Your Crystals

    3. Sensing Energy and Putting It All Together

    4. Meditation to Intuitively Connect With Your Crystals

    1. How did it go?

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  • 15 lessons
  • 2 Guided Meditations
  • PDF Workbook